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Not all paving companies can do a turn-key job and many have to outsource some of their work during projects. That’s where Lee Hy Construction stands out. All of our operations services are provided in-house, with state-of-the-art equipment operated by experienced professionals. This ensures that we always provide an excellent-quality job that is sure to meet your needs.

From transportation to quality control and maintenance, our team has the right equipment and expertise to execute paving jobs from start to finish with no outsourcing needed, and our skilled corporate office ensures that every job is well-coordinated and handled in a timely manner.

Transportation Division

LeeHy TruckWe have a complete fleet of pickups, vans, dump trucks, service vehicles, sign vehicles, vans, low boys, loaders, tankers, pavers, rollers, milling machines, skid steers, brooms, and all other vehicles and equipment needed to get the job done right. Having all the proper vehicles and equipment available in-house saves both time and money on paving projects. Our skilled crews are all well-trained to operate equipment with the highest level of care, leading to a safe, high-quality job each and every time.

Quality Control Labs

InsideTheLabOur VDOT certified technicians ensure the highest level of quality for both the VDOT and proprietary asphalt mixes that we produce. Working on-site at our Rockville and Warsaw plants, our quality control technicians oversee the entire asphalt pavement mixing process, checking for proper and consistent mixes every step of the way. Having on-site laboratories assures you of the finest quality end product for your asphalt paving needs.

Maintenance Division

Shop3While we treat our operations vehicles with the utmost care and make sure that they are being operated in a safe manner, sometimes repairs are still needed to keep these vehicles running at top-notch quality. Our in-house maintenance division regularly inspects all equipment to ensure it meets safety standards and performs routine maintenance to ensure each vehicle is running to the best of its capabilities. Since these technicians are employed by our company and work on-site, we can guarantee that vehicle repairs are done quickly and will not impede or halt a paving job.

Corporate Office

Though our primary expertise is in asphalt operations and paving, we strive to provide superior administrative and accounting services for our work as well. Our corporate office takes care of estimates, billing, and administrative tasks in one central location, ensuring that all administrative work is handled quickly and efficiently and that our communication is as well-coordinated as possible.